Valentine’s Day Ribeyes!

If you read this blog, then it’s obvious I cook a bunch of different things and a lot of recipes involve quite a bit of prep time as well cook time.  There are some nights/days when I’m on my feet for hours, sometimes even all day…None of that bothers me though b/c I love to cook, especially anything that involves cooking with charcoal.  On the flip side of lengthy cooks, there are other times when I can whip up something that involves very little prep/cook time and have it turn out phenomenal.  That’s exactly what happened last night for the Valentine’s Day dinner I made for my lady.  She LOVES BBQ, especially pork ribs, pulled pork and brisket, but nothing makes her happier than a quality ribeye cooked over charcoal.  So here’s my tip to you for an amazing steak that will be well received by your significant other 🙂  Go to your local store that has good steaks and buy the best ribeyes you can find.  About 1 hour before you plan to toss it on your charcoal grill, take them out of the fridge, rub them down lightly with olive oil, salt and pepper both sides (i also added a little garlic salt) and then let them sit and come to room temp for that hour.  That took me all of 2 minutes.  After about 30 minutes, I sliced up a sweet onion and got it sauteing on the stove.  I heated up a bit of olive oil, tossed the onions in, then added a bit of Worcestershire sauce once they started cooking.  That took about 5 minutes… then I just had to periodically stir them a bit.  When I was at the store picking out the steaks, I also grabbed this super yummy lemon bow-tie pasta we both like so I didn’t have to make a side to go w/ the steaks.  So all I had to do was crank up my little Weber Smokey Joe Gold kettle while the steaks were getting to room temp and the onions were caramelizing in the skillet.  Once the kettle was ready, I tossed the ribeyes on, cooked them about 4-5 minutes per side for a nice med-rare temp then pulled them off.  Now at this point, what I like to do is toss a spoon full of butter on top and let it melt all over the steak.  This is what truly makes it taste like it just fell down out of Heaven’s kitchen.  There’s just something amazing about the charcoal-grilled ribeye that goes really well with melted butter.  Actually, a lot of fancy steak restaurants to that too…  Finally, I plated the steaks and served w/ the lemon bow-tie pasta and sauteed onions.  My wife told me it was one of the best steaks she’s ever had.  So there you have it…..the whole meal took very little time/effort and needless to say, I had a VERY happy wife 🙂

ribeye marinating in olive oil

ribeye marinating in olive oil

sauteed onions with Worcestershire sauce

ribeyes on a Weber Smokey Joe Gold charcoal grill

easy ribeye recipes

ribeyes with melted butterribeyes with sauteed onions




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  1. Andy February 17, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    Do you use any kind of specific salt or pepper steaks? Like kosher salt or some specific fresh ground pepper? What about ratios of salt to pepper?

    Also some people say to pat steak dry before seasoning – do you know why this is suggested?

    Do you do anything to prevent flareups? I know that can be a problem w/ ribeyes.

    Awesome pics.

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