Unboxing of my new BBQ Guru DigiQ DX temperature controller

I am SUPER excited about a new BBQ tool I just got:  a blue BBQ Guru DigiQ DX temperature controller.  If you’re not familiar with these devices, it’s a temperature control device that has a pit probe and meat probe and then a fan that mounts to one of the air vents or valves on your smoker.  In my case, it will mount to one of the bottom vents on my Weber Smokey Mountain.  Though I’ll be describing the operation for using it with my WSM, the operation is simple no matter what smoker you’ll be using it with.  Once the fan is mounted to one of the three bottom vents on the WSM, you close the other two (which makes the fan the only source of air/oxygen for the fire).  From there, all you do is set the controller to your desired pit temp and the device will cut the fan on and off throughout the cook to keep your pit at your desired temp.  The main advantages of having one of these devices is it provides even cooking temps that result in a better end product; it creates a more efficient fuel environment (so you won’t have to use as much charcoal for long cooks); but probably the biggest advantage in my opinion is the fact that you set the pit temp, stick the meat probe in, close the lid and then forget about it!  During short or long cooks, most guys like me with WSM’s are constantly regulating the pit temp by adjusting the vents (dampers) up or down.  This is going to eliminate that, and in fact, for a long overnight cook, I really won’t even have to wake up during the middle of the night to check the smoker (although I probably will the first few times I use it…).  The specific kit I purchased cost right at $280 after shipping.  I upgraded to the 10 CFM fan which was a pricey upgrade, but I wanted it in case I bump up to a larger smoker one day.  The 5 CFM fan that comes standard with the kit is probably enough for WSM’s, but you might want to do a little research before choosing your fan.  Below is a video of the unboxing of my new DigiQ DX.  I’ll be posting some more videos in the near future of the installation and setup as well as the seeing this bad boy in use!  Can’t wait to put this rig to use!


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