Three Knives Every BBQ’er Should Own

In my opinion, there are three types of knives that every BBQ addict (whether pro or recreational) should own:  a boning knife, a slicing knife and a chef knife.  Below is a picture of the three I own so you can have a visual of them side by side, then I’ll quickly walk through each one and show you which ones I own.

The 3 Best BBQ Knives

1)  Boning Knife – these have a skinny blade and a sharp, narrow point making them perfect from removing bones from meat and fish.  I use mine primarily for trimming ribs and briskets.  I have the Victorinox 6-Inch Flex Boning Knife with Fibrox Handle.  It’s very affordable and an excellent knife.

2)  Chef Knife – Chef knives are quite versatile and are ideal for cutting, chopping, trimming and slicing.  I have the Cutco 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife and it is the most used knife in my kitchen.  Cutco Knives are not cheap, but they’re probably the best knives out there and have free, lifetime resharpening.  I’ve had my set for 5-6 years so far and haven’t had to send them in for resharpening yet.  And believe me, they get used all the time.

3)  Slicing Knife – I have the Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife with Fibrox Handle.  The “granton” edge, or sometimes referred to as a “scalloped” edge, has hollowed-out grooves or dimples on the sides of the blade that fill with the fat and juices of the product being cut, allowing for thin, even cuts without tearing.  These knives are a must have for slicing all kinds of meats, but I use mine primarily on briskets and hams.



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