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SuckleBusters Mustard BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: SuckleBusters “Gold” Mustard Sauce

Say hello to my new favorite mustard-based BBQ sauce, SuckleBusters “Gold” sweet and spicy mustard BBQ sauce.  For starters, mustard-based sauces are hands down my absolute favorite of all the regional sauces, so when I got home and had a care package from SuckleBusters owner Dan Arnold waiting for me on my front porch, I […]

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pork spare ribs with foil

Super Bowl 2012 Pork Spare Ribs

I’ll come right out and say it:  I’m not a big pork spare ribs guy.  I’m a loin backs (baby backs) snob.  I just think the quality of the cut on the loin backs is a lot tastier and leaner than spares.  Now…you’re gonna get a whole lot more meat on spares, but that will […]

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Spare Ribs Weber Smokey Mountain

Guest Post (Mike) – Weekend Spare Ribs

I got my spare ribs from Sam’s Club.  Three full racks weighing in at approximately 15 pounds.  Cut off the excess fat and removed the membrane.  I rubbed them down first with garlic chile infused olive oil, then patted them down with Myron Mixon’s Basic Rib Rub.  Let them sit in the refrigerator for 18 […]

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