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Texas Rib Candy Review

Texas Rib Candy Review

The Texas Rib Candy finishing sauce is something I’ve had my eye on to review for a while now. From what I’ve heard, it’s very popular in the comp scene and I’ve had several people ask me to review it…so here it goes¬†ūüôā First off, the best thing about this sauce is that it comes […]

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KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: KW’s Sweet and Spicy

KW’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce is a “slow kettle cooked” sauce that starts with a sweet¬†tomato flavor and ends with a spicy mustard finish. ¬†I tested the sauce out on some St. Louis style pork ribs, and per their website, it goes well with “pulled pork, smoked pork ribs, grilled and smoked chicken, smoked […]

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AllStarSauces.com Review

AllStarSauces.com BBQ Sauce Membership Review

If you’re a gourmet BBQ sauce lover like I am but don’t necessarily have the time it takes to master your own homemade recipes, then you might be interested in a craft BBQ sauce membership service that Drew Thornley provides over at AllStarSauces.com. ¬†AllStarSauces.com provides 3 different membership subscriptions with a simple concept: ¬†you decide […]

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Killer Hogs BBQ Team Sauce and Rub

Killer Hogs Ribs!

A while back, Malcom Reed from HowToBBQRight.com sent me some of his competition team’s (Killer Hogs) BBQ sauce and rub to check out. ¬†Not only does Malcom’s website have a TON of informative, instructional videos on how to cook all things BBQ….but he and his brother Waylon have an impressive track record in the competition […]

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Ancho-Cherry Babyback Ribs Recipe

Ancho-Cherry Baby Backs

This past weekend I made up an ancho-cherry BBQ sauce that I used on two cooks. ¬†On Saturday we had stuffed hamburgers for a get together celebrating a good friend’s B-day. ¬†We had a bunch of mouth-watering ingredients to stuff the burgers with (I used my Burger Pocket Press of course ūüôā ), but the […]

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Bissell Maple Farms Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: Sugar Chalet “Sweet and Spicy”

Bissell Maple Farm located in Rock Creek, Ohio has been producing top quality maple products since the late 1800’s. ¬†The company offers staple maple products such as pure maple syrup, pure maple and maple coated candy. ¬†I recently used their pure maple syrup in a maple lemon glazed salmon recipe¬†and the quality of the maple […]

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Dock Street Barbecue Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: Dock Street Barbecue “Kansas City Barbecue Sauce” and “North Carolina BBQ Dip”

A while back on the¬†BBQ Bros Facebook page I connected with Greg Coats, owner of Dock Street Barbecue. ¬†He sent his two sauces my way to try out: ¬†the¬†“Kansas City Barbecue Sauce” and “North Carolina BBQ Dip”. ¬†Here are my initial thoughts, but see below for my comments on the pics as well: Kansas City […]

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Ravensbark "The Hickory" BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce Review: RavensBark “The Bumble-B” and “The Hickory”

I was recently sent a sample pack of RavensBark BBQ sauces from owner Bob Stoltman. ¬†The sampler contained all 4 of the RavensBark sauces: “The General”, “The Bumble-B”, “The Hickory” and “The Firehouse”. ¬†The first two I had the chance to sample the other day were “The Hickory” and “The Bumble-B”. ¬†Both sauces are tomato-based, […]

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La Pan's Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: La Pan’s Fiery Fusion

A couple weeks ago I was sent a bottle of La Pan’s Fiery Fusion to review. ¬†It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks and I finally got the chance to check this sauce out tonight with some sliced pork tenderloin. ¬†La Pan’s is a company based in Ladera Ranch, CA and produces gourmet BBQ […]

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BBQ Bros Homemade BBQ Sauces

BBQ Bros Homemade BBQ Sauces!

A while back, I did a video series on my YouTube channel of my favorite 6 homemade BBQ sauces. ¬†I’ve been meaning to compile all the videos along with the recipes into one post here on my blog for a while now and finally got around to it tonight. ¬†Below you’ll find each of the […]

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Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: Rufus Teague “Honey Sweet”, “Touch O’ Heat” and “Blazin’ Hot”

The awesome people behind the Rufus Teague BBQ sauces recently hooked me up with three of their popular K.C. style sauces: ¬†the¬†“Honey Sweet”, the “Touch O’ Heat” and the “Blazin’ Hot”. ¬†The company hails from Shawnee, KS and after a quick smell and taste of all three sauces, it was plain as day this company […]

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Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apply Review

BBQ Sauce Review: Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apple

Recently, the good people at Slow Poke BBQ sent me some of their Slow Poke Spicy Apple BBQ sauce to review. ¬†As a HUGE apple fan, and one that loves to smoke with apple wood and rub various cuts of pork down with apple rubs, I was really excited to see what this sauce had […]

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Dimples BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: Dimples BBQ Sauce

The owner of Dimples BBQ Sauce, Rich Campana, kindly sent me a couple bottles of their up and coming sweet BBQ sauce called “Dimples BBQ Sauce”. ¬†Let me go ahead and say this: ¬†It doesn’t matter that I got this sauce for free. Whether or not I paid for it, I would still tell you […]

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Cowtown BBQ Sauce Review

Sauce Review: Cowtown Barbecue Sauces

While visiting family this past weekend, I picked up two BBQ sauces from a local¬†specialty¬†foods store: ¬†the Cowtown Barbecue Sauce and the Cowtown Night of the Living Bar-b-q Sauce. ¬†These sauces are made by the same people that run the famous BBQ joint Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City. ¬†Their Cowtown Barbecue Sauce was voted […]

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