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Cowtown BBQ Sauce Review

Sauce Review: Cowtown Barbecue Sauces

While visiting family this past weekend, I picked up two BBQ sauces from a local specialty foods store:  the Cowtown Barbecue Sauce and the Cowtown Night of the Living Bar-b-q Sauce.  These sauces are made by the same people that run the famous BBQ joint Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City.  Their Cowtown Barbecue Sauce was voted […]

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Smoke & Spice BBQ Book

Book Review: Smoke & Spice

Probably one of the best BBQ books you can pick up to help kick start a new BBQ hobby, or… even just give an existing hobby some additional ideas, is the book Smoke & Spice by Bill and Cheryl Jamison.  The book is under $15 and highly worth the investment.  Ran-Dawg, the guy who taught […]

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Review of Weber 26.75″ One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill

As I mentioned in my applewood smoked deep dish pizza post, my in-law’s hooked me up with a Weber 26.75″ One Touch Gold charcoal grill (a.k.a. “kettle”) for Christmas.  Weber also makes a 18.5″ and 22.5″ model and to be completely honest, the 26.75″ model is going to be too big for you if you’re […]

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