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Dock Street Barbecue Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: Dock Street Barbecue “Kansas City Barbecue Sauce” and “North Carolina BBQ Dip”

A while back on the BBQ Bros Facebook page I connected with Greg Coats, owner of Dock Street Barbecue.  He sent his two sauces my way to try out:  the “Kansas City Barbecue Sauce” and “North Carolina BBQ Dip”.  Here are my initial thoughts, but see below for my comments on the pics as well: Kansas City […]

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iGrill Review

Product Review: iGrill

I recently had the chance to review the iGrill.  The iGrill is a wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer that communicates with both Apple and Android devices.  It can be controlled directly on the base unit or via the iGrill app, which is free for download on either platform. Here are some of the features of the iGrill […]

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Ravensbark "The Hickory" BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce Review: RavensBark “The Bumble-B” and “The Hickory”

I was recently sent a sample pack of RavensBark BBQ sauces from owner Bob Stoltman.  The sampler contained all 4 of the RavensBark sauces: “The General”, “The Bumble-B”, “The Hickory” and “The Firehouse”.  The first two I had the chance to sample the other day were “The Hickory” and “The Bumble-B”.  Both sauces are tomato-based, […]

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Burger Pocket Press Review

Product Review: Burger Pocket Press

This week I had the chance to review the Burger Pocket Press.  The Burger Pocket Press is a 4-piece kit that is made of Food Grade ABS Plastic, it’s dishwasher safe and made here in the U.S.  It’s popular for its ability to make perfectly sealed, stuffed burgers, but you can also use the kit to […]

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La Pan's Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: La Pan’s Fiery Fusion

A couple weeks ago I was sent a bottle of La Pan’s Fiery Fusion to review.  It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks and I finally got the chance to check this sauce out tonight with some sliced pork tenderloin.  La Pan’s is a company based in Ladera Ranch, CA and produces gourmet BBQ […]

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Meat Rake Review

Product Review: The MeatRake

The creators of The MeatRake recently sent me one of their beastly pork pulling devices to try out.  The MeatRake is made up of professional grade 304 stainless steel, nail-like shredders and has a non-slip polypropylene handle.  Up until receiving the MeatRakes, I had been using Bear Paws for pulling pork.  The MeatRake differs in […]

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Smokenator and Hovergrill Review

Smokenator 2600 and Hovergrill Kit Review

The kind folks at Barbecue Kettle Accessories (based in San Jose, CA) recently sent me a Smokenator 2600 and Hovergrill kit.  Together, these two BBQ accessories convert a Weber charcoal kettle into a 3-rack smoker.  Currently, there are two sizes of the Smokenator:  the 1000 and the 2600.  The Smokenator 2600 fits the 26.75″ Weber […]

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Dimples BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: Dimples BBQ Sauce

The owner of Dimples BBQ Sauce, Rich Campana, kindly sent me a couple bottles of their up and coming sweet BBQ sauce called “Dimples BBQ Sauce”.  Let me go ahead and say this:  It doesn’t matter that I got this sauce for free. Whether or not I paid for it, I would still tell you […]

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Rub Review: Dizzy Pig Raging River

The nice folks at Dizzy Pig BBQ sent me a sample of their amazing rubs to review and the first I tried was the Dizzy Pig Raging River.  Raging River was developed for grilled salmon, but once you try it you’ll quickly see how it can be used on a lot of other things.  I […]

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