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Pork Spare Ribs with Simply Marvelous Rubs

My buddy Josh just wrapped up his first homemade offset smoker the other day.  It’s a 250 gallon sticker burner named “Big Jake”.  We were all excited about cooking on it so we threw a big ol’ jam at his house and tested Big Jake out with 3 butts, 1 picnic, 3 racks of spares, […]

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bacon explosion fatty

Bacon Explosion Fatties!

I didn’t get a chance to do any BBQing this past weekend, so since my buddy Mike and I were planning on a guy’s night on Monday we figured since neither one of us had attempted “Bacon Explosion Fatties” yet, we we might as well try em’ out.  Bacon Explosions, or Fatties, or whatever you […]

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ribeyes with melted butter

Valentine’s Day Ribeyes!

If you read this blog, then it’s obvious I cook a bunch of different things and a lot of recipes involve quite a bit of prep time as well cook time.  There are some nights/days when I’m on my feet for hours, sometimes even all day…None of that bothers me though b/c I love to […]

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