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Mini WSM

Reader Spotlight: LSU Mini WSM Build

One of my readers (Steve) reached out to me to ask some questions about building a Mini WSM and I told him once he was finished with the project to send me some pictures and I’d post them on the blog.  Let me say one thing first:  I absolutely can’t stand LSU (I bleed Orange […]

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The 3 Best BBQ Knives

Three Knives Every BBQ’er Should Own

In my opinion, there are three types of knives that every BBQ addict (whether pro or recreational) should own:  a boning knife, a slicing knife and a chef knife.  Below is a picture of the three I own so you can have a visual of them side by side, then I’ll quickly walk through each […]

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custom offset BBQ wood smoker

Homemade Offset Wood Smoker

A good friend of mine sent me the below pics of his dad’s homemade offset BBQ wood smoker.  It’s a 250 gallon rig with a welded-in water pan that runs the length of the smoker.  It also has a gas-fed food warmer on one end.  If you’ve never heard of an “offset” smoke, the concept […]

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Smoke House Downtown Gainesville

Smoke House Downtown review

Checked out a new BBQ joint here in Gainesville called Smoke House Downtown.  They’re still working through their “soft opening” and have done very little marketing so far.  I chatted with the owner (Mike) and he said they want to make sure the place is running smoothly and get all the kinks out before charging […]

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Review of Weber 26.75″ One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill

As I mentioned in my applewood smoked deep dish pizza post, my in-law’s hooked me up with a Weber 26.75″ One Touch Gold charcoal grill (a.k.a. “kettle”) for Christmas.  Weber also makes a 18.5″ and 22.5″ model and to be completely honest, the 26.75″ model is going to be too big for you if you’re […]

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Bear Claws Meat Forks

Bear Paws

Another little goodie my wife got me for Christmas was a pair of the Bear Paws Meat Handler Forks.  As you can see in the picture I took below, the name describes them perfectly.  They are made out of a hard plastic and meant for grabbing large pieces of meat off a grill / smoker […]

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Suede Barbecue Gloves

Suede BBQ Gloves

My wife hooked me up with a new pair of heavy duty suede BBQ gloves for Christmas.  They are part of Steven Raichlen’s “Best of Barbecue” line.  As you can see in the pictures I took below, they are thick suede and will go high up on the forearm, protecting you from potential arm burns. […]

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