Super Peel Pizza Peel Review

Cooking homemade pizzas is one of my fav things to do. I love the whole process of it: deciding what yummy ingredients to use; letting the kiddos help make them; and of course…cooking them outside on the grill. Now…though ceramic kamados are generally the most ideal for cooking pizzas at home…as long as you have a ceramic or steel (like the Baking Steel) pizza stone and your grill can get up to 450° – 500°….you should be all set.

What I don’t like about cooking pizzas is the sometimes very messy process of transferring them from your standard wood or metal pizza peel to the grill. If you cook pizzas at home, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s often a bit tricky as the sticky dough makes sliding the pizza off the peel and onto the pizza stone on your grill a challenge at times. Now, some of you may be reading this and saying to yourself “I don’t have that problem…”…well…good for you then…pat yourself on the back. As for me…it’s always been a slight challenge no matter how much cornmeal and/or flour is involved.

Super Peel Pizza Peel Review

Enter the Super Peel. This simple, yet incredibly handy pizza cooking tool has been around a while now, but I just recently got my hands on one to test out. I had seen some videos and read reviews…but didn’t really want to believe how awesome this thing was until I got to try it out myself. The concept is simple: it is a typical wood baking peel with a pasty cloth. The pastry cloth is attached via a very simply pulley type system and it flawlessly picks up uncooked pizzas off your prep counter and then places them onto your grill.

After trying it out just once (and thinking back to a couple pizzas I destroyed transferring from my peel to the grill…) I told my wife “how I am just now finding out about this!!??” 🙂 I typically don’t lay down claims quite as bold as this…but if you like cooking pizzas at home, then for the price point, this is an absolute no-brainer pizza tool to pick up. Check out my review video below and let me know if you have questions of comments. You can pick one up from Amazon here.


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