Super Bowl 2012 Pork Spare Ribs

I’ll come right out and say it:  I’m not a big pork spare ribs guy.  I’m a loin backs (baby backs) snob.  I just think the quality of the cut on the loin backs is a lot tastier and leaner than spares.  Now…you’re gonna get a whole lot more meat on spares, but that will be accompanied with lots more fat.  I don’t care who you are or how good of a BBQ cook you think you are, spares are going to have a good bit of fat on them no matter how well you trim them and just won’t be able to compete with the lean cut you get with baby backs.  But we all know this already so I’m just rambling at this point…(if you don’t know the difference between spares and loin backs, go HERE for some good info).  With all that said, I still enjoy spare ribs if they have been prepared well, have a good smoke flavor and are super tender.  We had a small Super Bowl jam at my friend’s house for the game and threw on 10 racks of spares.  Yes….10 racks…it was ridiculous considering there was only like 10-12 people.  TONS of leftovers…  We used Simply Marvelous rubs, specifically, the Sweet Seduction and the Apple.  The pics below are of the rack I prepped.  I usually go pretty light on rub on ribs, but since we were doing spares and this was my first time using the SM Apple, I loaded up on it as seen in the pic below.  My buddy had his 22.5″ WSM fired up as well as a beastly homemade smoker made out of a commercial food warmer (i’ll throw up a post on that rig later).  They were cooked for 3 hours, then foiled and covered with a generous amount of apple juice and cooked for another 2 1/2 hours, then lastly, basted with various BBQ sauces and left to cook a final 30-45 minutes.  They were fall-off-the-bone tender.  Soooo good.  As you can see in the pics, some of the ends were charred a bit and were a little dry, but for the most part, out of 10 racks, almost all of them came out super tender and moist and fell off the bone once bitten in to.  Moral of this story:  don’t be afraid to slay up some spares.  They’re cheaper, you get a lot more meat, and they can turn out really good if you put a little effort in.  The pics below in order are showing the rack I prepped rubbed down with the apple rub, then a shot right after taking them out of the foil and then a couple shots right before they got annihilated 🙂

pork spare ribs with Simply Marvelous apple rub

pork spare ribs with foil

weber smokey mountain pork spare ribs

weber smokey mountain pork spare ribs


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