Steve’s “Apple” Baby Backs!

We had some close friends stay with us this weekend that we haven’t seen in a while so I fired up the WSM and cooked up some baby backs.  I’ve dubbed them “Apple Baby Backs” because I smoked them with apple wood, steamed them in apple juice during the foil part of the cook and then glazed them with a homemade apple BBQ sauce.  I’m still trying to dial in variations of the 3-2-1 method, but I was feeling lazy yesterday so just went with 3-2-1.  The ribs came out super good but were probably almost a bit too tender.  Now, of course that’s only a bad thing if you’re in a competition, but I still like to try and get them as close to what a judge would be looking for in an actual comp.  Next time instead of foiling for 2 hours I’m going to shoot for 1.5 hours.  I also only hit them with smoke for about 2 hours so there was a nice apple smokey flavor, but not too much smoke as to drown out the flavor of the meat.   I tend to get a little carried away with smoke wood so I’ve been trying to dial that back a little.  I’ve got the pics below with a brief caption.  Hope you enjoy these and it motivates you to go grab some baby backs and cook some yourself!  🙂

These were rubbed down and sat in the fridge over night.  Here they are sprinkled down with a generous portion of brown sugar right before going on the smoker.

apple baby back ribs

All 3 racks fit comfortably on my WSM.  Keep in mind I have the 22.5″ model.  3 racks wouldn’t fit on one rack on the 18.5″ model.

apple baby back ribs

Here they are 3 hours in, just before I foiled them with a bit of apple juice.

apple baby back ribs

Here they are resting after having been glazed with the homemade apple BBQ sauce I whipped up.

apple BBQ rib sauce

Sliced and ready to eat!

apple baby back ribs


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