Step by Step Brisket Cook on a Weber Smokey Mountain

So this past Saturday me and a few friends that all cook on Weber Smokey Mountains decided to have a brisket cook-off.  There was nothing special about it as we didn’t throw money into a pot or anything, but we all have our own cooking styles, use different rubs and marinades, and may or may not foil, but regardless, we ended up with 4 briskets weighing roughly a total of 25 lbs and about 25 people that were present to partake in the epicness (yep, that’s another word I made up).  Now, I know I’m biased, but I really think my brisket was the best.  I injected it with a marinade called Pirate’s Gold that was recommended to me by a guy that runs a local BBQ catering company (I’d give you a link, but he doesn’t have a website…).  I was originally planning on injecting it with just some beef bouillon powder, beef broth and water, but I’m glad I tried out the Pirate’s Gold because it was AMAZING.  I also rubbed the brisket down with the Simply Marvelous “Sweet Seduction” rub.  The below video walks you through my entire brisket process, beginning with the injection process all the way to the part where we have a house full of about 25-30 people salivating and waiting to eat the various briskets that were cooked.  It may seem like it’s kinda quiet in the last part of the video, but believe me, there were tons of people there…I just made them be quiet so I could shoot the video…  🙂  In addition to the brisket, we had some homemade Mac N Cheese and some awesome crunchy coleslaw for sides.  I’ll post the recipes for those soon!



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