Smoked Ham with Cranberry-Orange Glaze

Though we’re not actually having ham for Christmas dinner this year, it just didn’t feel right not having some holiday ham leftovers in the fridge…so I went ahead and smoked one yesterday for dinner and then vac-sealed the rest since we’re about to travel.  I went with a cranberry-orange glaze and smoked it on the Grill Dome kamado with some apple wood chunks.  I mention it in the video, but I mistakenly bought a sliced ham instead of an unsliced one.  The only real downside of smoking a sliced ham is that it can potentially dry out during the cook (depending on your cooker and cook parameters), but I wanted to put the Grill Dome to the test and sure enough, it came out incredibly moist and wasn’t dry at all.  I’m seriously in love with my Dome….

I cooked at 275° and it took 3 hr 15 min to hit an internal of 140°.  The last hour of the cook I basted with the glaze every 15 minutes.  The combination of the smoke flavor with the cranberry-orange glaze was face-melting good.  A lot of people go with a traditional maple-brown sugar or pineapple glaze, but I think this is going to be my new go-to glaze for ham.  Try it out and let me know what you think.

Cranberry-Orange Glazed Ham

8-12 lb bone-in cooked ham (preferably unsliced, but as you’ll see in the video you can certainly smoke a sliced one…)
1 cup brown sugar
14 oz can jellied cranberry sauce
1 cup orange juice (you can use O.J. from the bottle or squeeze it fresh from some citrus like I do in the video)
1/2 cup honey
4 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

Mix all ingredients together, pour into medium saucepan, bring to a slight boil, then reduce heat and let reduce by at least half.  You’re looking for a medium consistency for the glaze.  After you’ve achieved that, set aside and baste ham every 10-15 minutes during the last hour of the cook.

Smoked Ham with Cranberry-Orange Glaze
Smoked Ham with Cranberry-Orange Glaze
Smoked Ham with Cranberry-Orange Glaze


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