Sauce Review: Cowtown Barbecue Sauces

While visiting family this past weekend, I picked up two BBQ sauces from a local specialty foods store:  the Cowtown Barbecue Sauce and the Cowtown Night of the Living Bar-b-q Sauce.  These sauces are made by the same people that run the famous BBQ joint Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City.  Their Cowtown Barbecue Sauce was voted #1 at the 2001 American Royal Barbecue Contest and their Night of the Living Bar-b-q Sauce was voted #1 for Best Hot BBQ Sauce at the 2002 American Royal Barbecue Contest.

I’ll tell you right away at I really enjoyed both of the sauces.  The Cowtown Barbecue Sauce is your classic K.C. style with a thick tomato base,  a smokey molasses flavor and a tiny bit of kick on the finish.  We had it with baby backs and some pulled pork and it was great.  The Night of the Living Bar-b-q Sauce was actually my favorite of the two because it actually surprised me with how much heat it packed.  I’m a huge fan of hot sauces of all kinds (especially hot BBQ sauces), so I’m always amped to come across a new one.  I slathered a little on one of the ribs and then dipped some pulled pork in it and it was awesome.  This sauce was also straight up K.C. style (thick and smokey) but with a huge heat kick.  Fortunately for me we didn’t use a whole lot of them because we had 5 or 6 sauces, so there’s plenty left for me 🙂

The company also makes Cowtown BBQ Rubs, but I haven’t tried any of them yet, so if you have, please let me know you think of them in the comments below.

Cowtown BBQ Sauce Review



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