Roasted Poblano Pepper Hamburgers

My bro Jason had been looking for a new Weber kettle and I happened to luck out and score him a brand new 18.5″ One Touch Silver for just $50 off Craigslist.  It was a lazy Saturday yesterday so we decided to break the new kettle in with some burgers.  Jason recommended a great roasted poblano pepper burger recipe that called for slightly charred poblano peppers, grilled onions, salsa verde and provolone cheese.  This burger had a southwestern flavor to it and turned out super good.


3 whole poblano peppers (this was enough for 5-6 burgers)
Salsa Verde
1 med onion
Provolone cheese
Burgers and buns


Once you have your kettle fired up and up to temp, toss the whole poblano peppers on the grill and let them grill until they are slightly charred (make sure to flip after a few minutes so both sides get charred).  At this point you want to remove the skin.  That can be a bit tricky, so if you’ve never attempted it before, go HERE for some info on how to do that.  The key is pinching the skin and pulling it all off in large pieces.  After you’ve removed the skin from the poblanos, cover them with foil and set them aside.

At this point it’s time to toss the burgers on the grill as well as some onion slices.  Once you’ve added the cheese, top them with some of the poblanos so the poblanos can warm back up a bit.  Once you pull the burgers and onions off the grill, simply stack the burgers up with the grilled onions and then a heaping spoonful of salsa verde.  Enjoy!!

roasting poblano peppers on a Weber grill

roasted poblano peppers with the skin removed

roasted poblano pepper hamburgers on a Weber kettle

roasted poblano pepper and provolone cheese burgers

roasted poblano pepper and provolone cheese burgers



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