Review of Weber 26.75″ One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill

As I mentioned in my applewood smoked deep dish pizza post, my in-law’s hooked me up with a Weber 26.75″ One Touch Gold charcoal grill (a.k.a. “kettle”) for Christmas.  Weber also makes a 18.5″ and 22.5″ model and to be completely honest, the 26.75″ model is going to be too big for you if you’re just looking to pick up one for some casual BBQing.  If you grill a decent amount of food for small gatherings/parties, then the 22.5″ would probably be a good fit, but if you’re cooking for a lot of people or thinking about using it to smoke foods (so placing a water pan inside…) like large Boston butts, baby back ribs or briskets, then I’d probably recommend the big 26.75″ model.  Keep your eye on Amazon and other sites because all three models go on sale quite frequently.  I’ll be cooking on this guy (haven’t named him yet….) a lot over the coming months so I’ll do an update post on how I’m liking it.  First opinion is I absolutely LOVE it though…  🙂  Below is my review.  If you also have this model, let me know what you think about yours and any feedback you might have.


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  1. shane March 3, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

    anyt ideas on a rotisserie for the 26 inch weber?

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