Relish “Big Tasty Burgers” Review

My wife and I walked over to a new hamburger joint in Downtown Gainesville called Relish.  They’re a local company and actually already have a location across the street from the University of Florida, but parking in that area is nasty, so I’ve never attempted it.  A few months ago, I was excited to see a sign go up announcing they were opening another location right by my work.  So here’s my review:

When we went it was just the second day after they opened and they seemed to be running smoothly.  When you walk in, there are 3 main stations you’ll work your way through.  The first station is where you order what size burger you want and specify any grilled items you want like grilled onions or peppers, bacon, cheese or even egg.  You also pay at that station.  The second station is where the fun is.  Glancing at the Relish menu, you’ll quickly see why they call themselves that.  They have 8 different awesome relishes to choose from!  The one I got was their Mango Habanero and it was really good.  They also have many other sauces, practically anything I could think of putting on a burger…and then many fresh toppings.  Lastly, the final station is where you pick up your order.  We waited all of 5-7 minutes, grabbed our drinks (free refills) and then were sitting outside in their patio area annihilating the goodness that was in front of us 🙂

The burger was AMAZING!  The thought that kept crossing my mind before, during and after our visit there was Five Guys.  I may have to take cover from some of you when I say what I’m about to say…but…it was better than Five Guys in my opinion 🙂  The quality of the meat, bun and fries was just as good as Five Guys (if not better), but the many different relishes and sauces is what really gives them a notch about Five Guys to me.  In additional, the people were friendly, the place was clean and they had great music playing too.  They also serve beer (though I couldn’t indulge since I was on my lunch break…) with an option to join their “Mug Club”, which gets you a 32 oz mug that you can bring in for one year and get endless domestic refills for $3 or import refills for $5.  For all you beer drinkers, it’s worth mentioning they have Swamphead on draft.  So do the math…$5 for a 32 oz Swamphead beer is probably the best you’ll find in G-ville!!!

Better yet, they even have a food challenge called the “Big Tasty Challenge” which consists of the following:

  • $20 to attempt it
  • 1 hamburger consisting of 8 patties (total of 2 lbs), 8 slices of cheese, 8 strips of bacon, 1 fried egg, grilled onions & peppers and your choice of any 1 relish
  • 1 1/2 lbs of fries
  • 32 oz beverage of choice (beer or soda)
  • You have 15 minutes to finish the entire meal and down the beverage
  • If you win….your meal is free, you get a free T-shirt, your photo on their “Big Tasty Challenge Wall” and a free 32 oz mug for the Mug Club
  • If you loose….you pay $20  🙂

Welp, that’s all for now.  Can’t wait to go again!  Preferably after work so I can enjoy a cold Swamphead brew along with my massive burger!  I took a couple pics with my phone that I’ve posted below too!

My burger!

Relish Gainesville Florida Hamburger

One of their hotdogs!

Relish Gainesville Florida Hotdog

 Update 5/2/12 – I’ve been 3 times since they opened last week ( I know…not healthy living…) and it has been awesome every time.  They easily beat out Five Guys.  I’ve now tried almost all of their relishes and the burger below that I got today had 3 of them on there!  It had the tomato relish, the tangy relish and the mango habanero relish.  SOOOOoooo good!

Relish Hamburgers Downtown Gainesville



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