Reader Spotlight: Minnesota Wild Mini WSM Build

Hands down my favorite part of this blog is when readers build a Mini WSM and send me pics and descriptions of how their build went.  I LOVE seeing the creativity with these Mini builds and I get so stoked each and every time someone sends me pics showcasing their favorite team’s logo on the side of a beautiful Mini WSM!  For this build, Rick from up in Minnesota sent me in pics of his Minnesota Wild Mini WSM with a quick writeup of how his build went.  This Mini came out EPIC!!  I am very impressed Rick!

Here’s what Rick had to say:

The logos I did were a little complex so I had vinyl graphics done for the painting masks.  I saw the LSU Mini that used DupliColor Metalcast paint and decided to use that to get the anodized look.  I used red for the grill hardware and green for the pot.  The green is a little lighter than I wanted but I still think it looks pretty good.  The weather here in Minnesota has been pretty grey and rainy though so I didn’t have any sunlight to really show off the anodized look.

I drilled holes in the bottom using the steamer rack as a guide.  I figured if I don’t get enough heat this way I can cut the bottom out later but I don’t anticipate that happening.  I read on another site where he drilled larger holes on the outside to help the heat circulate up the sides.  The thermometer I bought required a 13/16″ hole so I had to get a step bit and used that to drill somewhat larger holes in the bottom.  I basically drilled the step bit all the way down on the outside and a few steps down for the rest of the holes.

Like I said previously I used 1-1/2″ bolts for the pie pan diffuser/drip pan and those bolts support the lip of the pan and not the bottom.  I don’t have another rack yet but when I add one it will be able to sit on the ridge in the pot for the steamer grate.

I like the idea of the adapter for the DigiQ but this is my introduction to smoking so I want to start simple and add more options as I gain experience.  Nice to know about piling the charcoal high and it lasting 6 hours.  That was one of the questions I had. I wasn’t sure if you need to keep adding charcoal throughout the day.  I figured that would be pretty easy though since you can just lift the pot off to add more charcoal.  With the way everything fits together it almost feels like Weber designed the Smokey Joe to be used this way too. The worlds most versatile $35 grill.

I am a fan of beef brisket so if the weather cooperates I hope to try that as my maiden voyage over Memorial weekend. I will again be using your instructions as a guide. I anticipate doing a day long happy dance as I drink/smoke/eat using my new toy.

Minnesota Wild Mini WSM

Minnesota Wild Mini WSM

Minnesota Wild Mini Weber Smokey Mountain

Minnesota Wild Mini WSM

Minnesota Wild Mini Weber Smokey Mountain

Minnesota Wild Mini Weber Smokey Mountain



4 Responses to Reader Spotlight: Minnesota Wild Mini WSM Build

  1. Harold Dawkins June 15, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    Could you please let me know how the pan is in the bottom of the pot? What size is it and do the holes go through the bottom of the pot too.

  2. Harold Dawkins June 15, 2013 at 9:39 am #

    What shad of Red is that paint. (Looks great)

  3. BCOMPLEXX March 11, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

    How did you get your holes so perfect? Great job by the way.

  4. james July 17, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

    What type of paint did you use? Looks great!

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