Ran-Dawg’s Pepper Pork Sauce

I’m going to try hard and post a sauce recipe at least once a month, so please try and hold me to that 🙂  With that said, I wanted my first sauce recipe to be my absolute favorite.  Out of all the many homemade sauces I make, this one is usually everyone’s favorite.  Take note though…this sauce is not for the faint at heart and has a mighty kick!  🙂  I was given this recipe by a good friend that has taught me a lot about BBQing (Randall), so in honor of him, I’ve aptly named it “Ran Dawg’s Pepper Pork Sauce”.  This sauce is without a doubt my favorite pulled pork sauce and will change your life (for the better) the first time you put it on a pulled pork BBQ sandwich.  This sauce is so popular among my crew that every time I make a batch I end up getting talked into giving a jar or two away leaving me empty handed….  Oh well…  🙂

4 ½ cups red or cider vinegar  (I’ve tried both.  Red is what the original recipe calls for, but I like the cider option a lot too.)

4 cups of store brand ketchup  (The thin stuff.  You can also sub 2 cups of tomato juice if you can’t find thin ketchup.)

½ cup black pepper  (Yes…1/2 a cup!!)

½ cup paprika

½ – 1/3 cup of sugar (to taste)

Salt and Cayenne to taste (I use 1T of salt and 2T of cayenne)



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  1. BBQ Joe January 16, 2014 at 3:32 pm #

    dont forget the honey

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