Pulled Pork Stuffed Hamburgers!

Yeah, you heard me right!  Pulled pork stuffed hamburgers!  Even before you see the pics below, I know your mouth is watering already!  This past Friday and Saturday, I smoked a 10 lb Boston butt and had a TON of leftovers.  Most of them I vacuum sealed and froze, but I kept a bit aside for Sunday.  A local restaurant called Blue Gill has a pulled pork stuffed hamburger that is quite popular.  I’ve had it and it was really good, but when I ate it, I was sitting there the whole time thinking to myself “Man, my pork is so much better than this non-BBQ place” (though don’t get me wrong…their food is EPIC and I like going there..) so I naturally have been wanting to try one of my own.  These came out so incredibly good and may have been the best hamburger I’ve ever made.  I put these together (my steps are listed below) and then my buddy Josh threw these on his 22.5″ Weber One Touch Gold kettle with an offset, indirect heating setup.  He also tossed on a couple small chunks of cherry wood for flavor.  Try making these yourself and come back and leave a comment about how it goes!  Hope you enjoy the pics 🙂

***Quick update on this:  You can try the method I did below, but as the burgers cooked, the two hamburger patties actually started to pull away and separate from the pork patty in the middle.  It didn’t matter whatsoever as far as taste is concerned, just a bit w/ presentation.  Next time I will be combining the pulled pork and hamburger meat together in a large bowl first and then make the patties…***


1)  With some leftover pulled pork, flatten out a small patty just like you’d do with hamburger meat.
2)  Make two slightly larger, thin hamburger patties.
3)  Place the pulled pork patty in the middle of the 2 hamburger patties and pat the whole thing down making sure to completely enclose the pork w/ the hamburger meat.
4)  Cover the patties with some Worcestershire sauce then sprinkle on your favorite hamburger seasoning.
5)  Cover the patties with your favorite cheese about 2 minutes before you’re ready to take them off the grill.
6)  Go get a backup change of underwear b/c you will wet yourself when you taste how amazing these are!

pulled pork stuffed hamburger

pulled pork stuffed hamburgers

pulled pork stuffed hamburgers

pulled pork stuffed hamburgers

pulled pork stuffed hamburgers


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