Picnic Shoulder vs Boston Butt

So up to this point, I’ve only smoked Boston butts for pulled pork, but last night as part of our New Year’s Eve jam here at the house, my buddy Mike smoked a pork “picnic” shoulder.  In case you’re like me and didn’t really know the difference between a Boston butt and a picnic, I’ve provided a couple links below that will help shed some light on that.  The butt and the picnic both come from the shoulder and from what I can tell, most guys are saying that picnics generally have less meat on them.  One thing I can tell you for sure is that the picnic pulled pork we had last night was amazing.  I’ve seen some comments where guys are saying you can’t tell the difference, but then others that say picnics have a little bit more flavor.  I’ll have to cook a couple picnics myself to give a better opinion, but the one last night was bursting with flavor and was some of the best pulled pork I’ve had.  I’ve got a picture of the 9 lb picnic below just before Mike pulled it off of his 18.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain.  Looking good!!  Thanks again Mike!!

http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/porkbuttselect.html (this is seriously one of my favorite websites!!)


Pork Shoulder Picnic


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