Burger Pocket Press Review

Product Review: Burger Pocket Press

This week I had the chance to review the Burger Pocket Press.  The Burger Pocket Press is a 4-piece kit that is made of Food Grade ABS Plastic, it’s dishwasher safe and made here in the U.S.  It’s popular for its ability to make perfectly sealed, stuffed burgers, but you can also use the kit to […]

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Smoked Tri-Tip on Grill Dome Kamado

Smoked Tri-Tip on the Grill Dome Kamado

The maiden voyage of my new Grill Dome kamado involved my first ever Tri-tip.  A Tri-tip is technically the bottom sirloin and is located directly below the top sirlion (see the graphic here).  They are hugely popular out West, particularly in California (known as “Santa Maria steaks”), but they have also gained popularity in New […]

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Pork Parmesan Subs

Pork Parmesan Subs

Here is a straight forward recipe for pork parmesan subs that is really good, filling and quick and easy to make.  You can use pork cube steaks (like I did in this recipe) or pork cutlets.  The process is simple: Pan sauté, or grill, some pork cube steaks. While the pork is cooking, toast some sub […]

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Java Crusted Steaks with Chocolate Stout Reduction Glaze

Java Crusted New York Strips w/ Chocolate Stout Glaze

I recently acquired a Craycort cast iron grilling grate for my 26.75″ Weber One Touch Gold kettle and finally got to cook on the new grate last night.  I came across a recipe from Guy Fieri for java crusted steaks w/ a stout glaze that looked really good, so I thought that sounded like a […]

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La Pan's Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce Review

BBQ Sauce Review: La Pan’s Fiery Fusion

A couple weeks ago I was sent a bottle of La Pan’s Fiery Fusion to review.  It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks and I finally got the chance to check this sauce out tonight with some sliced pork tenderloin.  La Pan’s is a company based in Ladera Ranch, CA and produces gourmet BBQ […]

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Meat Rake Review

Product Review: The MeatRake

The creators of The MeatRake recently sent me one of their beastly pork pulling devices to try out.  The MeatRake is made up of professional grade 304 stainless steel, nail-like shredders and has a non-slip polypropylene handle.  Up until receiving the MeatRakes, I had been using Bear Paws for pulling pork.  The MeatRake differs in […]

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Southwest BBQ Pulled Pork Salad with Homemade BBQ Ranch Dressing

E.L.C. – Southwest Pulled Pork Salad with Homemade BBQ Ranch Dressing

This week’s Leftover Mondays features a Southwest-style pulled pork salad with a homemade BBQ ranch dressing.  This was a super easy recipe and the homemade BBQ ranch paired with the pulled pork made this one tasty salad.  Might not have been the “healthiest” salad, but dang it was good!  Recipe, pics and video below.  Enjoy! […]

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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver’s “Cracking Burgers” Recipe

Here’s a quick recipe to wrap up this rainy weekend with.  The fam was over hanging with some friends and they cooked Jamie Oliver’s “Cracking Burger” recipe from his book Jamie’s Food Revolution.  These burgers were epic!  They had a nice consistency and a lot of flavor. All ya have to do is mix crush […]

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Smoked Brisket on a Weber Smokey Mountain

Start to Finish: Smoked Brisket

This weekend I tried out a new process for smoking a brisket.  In the past, I’ve generally followed this process: Prep the brisket the night before.  So…injecting it w/ some kind of marinade and rubbing it down, then sticking it in a garbage bag and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. Cook at 200°-225°. […]

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BBQ Bros Homemade BBQ Sauces

BBQ Bros Homemade BBQ Sauces!

A while back, I did a video series on my YouTube channel of my favorite 6 homemade BBQ sauces.  I’ve been meaning to compile all the videos along with the recipes into one post here on my blog for a while now and finally got around to it tonight.  Below you’ll find each of the […]

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