Moink Balls!

What’s that you say?  What is a “moink ball”?  Well that’s simple:  Moo + Oink.  All you have to do is take frozen Italian meatballs, wrap them in bacon, stick a toothpick through them to hold them together, dust them lightly with your favorite BBQ rub, smoke them for 1 1/2 – 2 hrs and finally baste them with your favorite BBQ sauce about 10-15 min before pulling them off the cooker.  There are a couple tips I can provide for this recipe.  First, you’ll need to zap the meatballs in the microwave for 45 seconds or so to get them just thawed out enough to where you can get the toothpick through them.  Second, you only need 1/2 a strip of bacon per meatball.  If you use a whole one it’s just too much (but hey…don’t let that stop you if you want to use a whole one!!!).  Finally, you need to cook them until the bacon feels/looks crispy.  If you pull them off too early the bacon will be soggy and just gross.

Pics are video from start to finish are below.  For this recipe I used the Simply Marvelous Apple BBQ Rub and Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce.  They will be an instant hit with any crowd.  Guaranteed.  🙂

moink balls

moink balls

moink balls weber smokey mountain

moink balls weber smokey mountain


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  1. Liz August 9, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    They look really good! A really simple side for any bbq get together.

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