Homemade Smoked BBQ Beans

Made my first batch of smoked BBQ beans on the Weber Smokey Mountain the other day.  The recipe is Mike Mills’ “17th Street’s Tangy Pit Beans” from his book Peace, Love and Barbecue, but I cooked them in a smoker similar to a BBQ beans recipe over at No Excuses BBQ (thanks Paul!).  Basically, you take whatever recipe you want, but then you smoke them for 2-3 hrs directly under a large piece of meat like a Boston butt or a ham.  All of those juices just fall into the beans giving them all kind of flavor.  When these were done, I took them off and threw some of the pulled pork from the Boston butt in them and they came out really great.  These were pretty sweet, so next time I do this recipe I’ll add something to make them have a little more of a kick.

Here’s a pic of the ingredients:

Mike Mills 17th Street Tangy Pit Beans Ingredients

Here’s a pic of them all mixed up before hitting the smoker:

smoked BBQ beans on a Weber Smokey Mountain

And here they are after they finished are about to be served:

smoked BBQ beans on a Weber Smokey Mountain

Here’s the video where I walk you through it all in more detail.  Enjoy!



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