GrillGrate Review

I had the chance to try out the GrillGrate the other day and must say I was quite impressed.  The GrillGrate is an interlocking, raised rail grilling surface constructed of hard anodized aluminum that excels at:

  • Delivering flawless sear marks (see the marks on the ribeyes I cooked below!)
  • Preventing flare ups which reduces over-charring
  • Helping to keep meat tender and flavorful by catching fats and juices that drip down from the meat into the catch channels (“Valleys”) and therefore vaporizing them and sending that back up into the meat
  • Creating an extremely hot, even cooking surface
  • Providing a grilling surface that allows you to flip the meat without scraping/tearing the bottom of the meat

The GrillGrate comes in a variety of sizes that will fit pretty much any grill out there (check them out on Amazon) and takes about 15-20 seconds to install.  I tested out the large size kamado kit which fit my large model Grill Dome like a glove.  The ribeyes I cooked were not only the most gorgeous ribeyes I’ve ever cooked but also some of the tastiest.  I grilled the steaks around 400°-450° and at no point during the cook was there a single flare up and I swear these ribeyes were a couple of the most tender grilled ribeyes I’ve ever cooked.  I am very excited to begin experimenting with grilling other cuts of meat and veggies on this setup.

See below for detailed photos and descriptions.  I also have a complete video review at the bottom of this post which also features this ribeye cook.  Enjoy!

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Grill Grate Review
This is a close up of the interlocking grooves between the GrillGrate sections.  They take no time at all to snap together and place on your grill.

Grill Grate Review
This is what the 3 pieces look like when all snapped together.  Notice the curved corners on this kit which were designed to fit kamado style cookers.

Grill Grate Review
Close up of the raised rail design and valley sections below.

Grill Grate Review

 Another close up of the rails and valleys.

Grill Grate Tool

 This is the Grate Tool that comes with the kit.  It is used for flipping meat without scraping or tearing and is also used to clean the GrillGrates.

Grill Grate Review

 Here I’m showing how the Grate Tool slides up into the valleys in order to flip meat.

Grill Grate Review

 The Grate Tool has angled tips which are meant for flipping the Grate Tool over and using to clean debris out of the valleys.

Grill Grate Review

 You can see in this picture how perfectly the large model kamado kit fits my large model Grill Dome.

Grill Grate Review

 I had my kamado running around 400°-450° and at no point during the cook did I ever have a single flare.  The sizzle coming off the GrillGrate was mesmerizing 🙂

Grill Grate Review

 Close up of the perfect sear marks seconds after pulling the steaks off the kamado.

Grill Grate Review

 Plated and ready to eat!



3 Responses to GrillGrate Review

  1. Bob March 12, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    I have been using the GrillGrates for the last two seasons and I could not agree with you more. I think this product actually makes even the novice look like a grilling rockstar.

    • Steve March 12, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

      Haha, yeah man, I felt fairly rockstar myself when I flipped that first ribeye and saw those sear marks! 🙂

  2. Chris March 18, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    I have a set and love them! That spatula is also my favorite spatula even when used on regular grill grates. But GrillGrates really deliver.

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