FREE eBook: A Beginner’s Guide To Making Sausage, Bacon and Jerky

David Somerville, owner and author of the BBQ blog, recently sent me a copy of his new eBook to review: A Beginner’s Guide To Making Sausage, Bacon and Jerky.  At just 50 pages long, this eBook is a quick read and packs a TON of very useful info in it.  Making my own sausage, bacon or jerky is a realm I have yet to explore in my BBQ adventures and reading this user-friendly eBook has certainly now sparked my interest.

Per the title of the eBook, David walks through the process of making sausage, bacon or jerky with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process, making this eBook a great introduction to anyone who has an interest in making their own sausage, bacon or jerky, but that are just a little overwhelmed with the process (like me!).  David has a relaxed vibe and it really comes out in his writing.  You can tell he really loves what he does and simply wants to share his knowledge with others.

There are three main sections of the book, and in each, David walks you through everything you need to know like prepping the meat; what equipment you’ll need; how to stay sanitized; etc…  In the section on sausage, recipes are provided for the following types of sausage: Basic, American Breakfast, Spicy Italian, Sweet Italian, Polish, Bratwurst and Andouille.  The sections on bacon and jerky also provide a recipe from start to finish.

Couple the great info provided with descriptive photos, and what you’ve got is a easy-to-follow guide for getting up and running on making your own sausage, bacon or jerky.  I hope to acquire some of the necessary equipment to make some of this goodness in the coming months 🙂

Somerville’s eBook is FREE, but all that is required is that you sign up for his e-mail list.  Don’t worry, he doesn’t, and won’t, spam you.  He only uses the list to notify his friends of new material he publishes.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Beginner's Guide To Making Sausage, Bacon and Jerky eBook


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