E.L.C. – Smoked Ham Hawaiian Sliders

Some friends had us over for a laid back afternoon hangout recently and they made baked ham sliders on King’s Hawaiian Sweet Mini Sub Rolls.  They were hands down the best sliders I’ve ever had, so of course I had to take what they did and put my own little twist on it 🙂  The recipe they used was basically: sweet deli ham;  cheese of your choice (they used Swiss); an amazing Dijon onion poppy seed glaze; all piled between King’s Hawaiian Sweet Mini Sub Rolls; then baked in the over for 20 min or so at 350°.  King’s Hawaiian Rolls are so amazing just by themselves that a lot of people just munch on them alone for a tasty snack…, so you can imagine how good these sliders are.

Now, here’s what I did to tweak it a bit:

Since they’re meant to be on King’s Hawaiian Rolls, I went with the Hawaiian theme and added pineapple 🙂  Also, since this post is another one of my “Leftover Mondays” installments,  of course I used some leftovers.  In this recipe I used some leftover smoked ham.  Lastly, in order to stick to my roots, I baked them in my Grill Dome ceramic kamado instead of in the oven 🙂  I’ve got a video below showing you how I prepared and cooked these from start to finish, but here’s your grocery list:

Smoked Ham Hawaiian Sliders Ingredients

1 package of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Mini Sub Rolls
Ham (sweet deli ham, or more preferably, smoked ham cooked by you on your smoker!)
Cheese of your choice (I used a nice sharp white cheddar)
Slice pineapple

Dijon Onion Poppyseed Glaze Ingredients

1 stick of butter
1 small onion
3 Tbsp Dijon mustard
2 tsp Worcestershire
2 tsp poppy seeds

Check out the video below for instructions and let me know what you think in the comment section below.  Enjoy!!

Smoked Ham Hawaiian Sliders


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