BBQ Sauce Review: Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce

Recently I was sent a bottle of the Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance sauce from David Moncur, founder of Easy Peasy Foods.  First things first: this sauce was absolutely amazing and was one of the better thick, tomato based BBQ sauces I’ve had.  I tried the sauce with some baby back ribs I cooked on my Grill Dome kamado and my wife and I devoured the rack in a matter of minutes.  After having both smelled and tasted the sauce, my wife and I both immediately thought the same thing:  soy sauce.

The sauce is nice and sweet, has just a touch of spice, but most importantly (in my opinion…) it has this amazing soy sauce finish that gives it a unique, tangy flavor that I haven’t ever tasted before in a BBQ sauce.  The sauce pours nice and thick and has a typical, deep mahogany color that you see in most sweet/smoky tomato based sauces.  Additionally, David and his people have done an awesome job with the label design on the bottle and I thought it was really eye catching.

I glazed the baby backs with the sauce about 15-20 minutes before pulling them and the combination of the caramelized Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance sauce with the tender pork was phenomenal.  Again, I hadn’t ever had a sauce with a soy kick like this before and it was so good I didn’t stop cramming ribs in my mouth until there was nothing left but bones on my plate…  Bottom line is that this sauce was a nice departure from the many tomato based sauces that often taste the same…

I had the opportunity to catch up with David and ask him to tell us about his company, their sauces and where we can purchase the sauces.  Here’s what he had to say:

About Us

When I was growing up, my family cooked with a passion. Life existed and family flourished around the kitchen and the grill. Home cooking was a learned skill… a skill it seems has completely disappeared. That’s one of the things that inspired me to launch Easy Peasy Foods.  When I looked closely at what people were doing wrong on the grill, over and over again it came back to bad marinades and BBQ sauces that no one liked.  Then one day, I decided enough was enough, and took matters (and sauce) into my own hands.  Easy Peasy Foods was born. 

Based in Troy, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) Easy Peasy Foods was formed a little over a year ago out of a passion for great food and a desire to help bring the lost art of home cooking home again.  We do that by making products that help the ordinary person with ordinary skills make extraordinary meals that everybody loves.

Our first products, designed for our very favorite meal (BBQ) are two world class sauces.  A chicken marinade called Chicken Insurance, and a BBQ Sauce called Barbeque Insurance.  They taste great, are ALL NATURAL and are very easy to use.

About our Sauces

One of the very best things about our products is that they are ALL NATURAL.  Our motto is “if we don’t cook with it at home, we don’t put it in our sauces!”  that means there’s no corn syrup, no preservatives, and nothing but premium ingredients – just like our customers would choose if they were preparing sauces at home from scratch.

Barbeque Insurance is a dark red-brown tomato based sauce with sweet palette and subtle spicy finish.  Incredible balance between a rub and sauce.

Chicken Insurance is slightly sweet with soy and worcestershire sauce notes, complemented by garlic and chili flavors.
Where to Purchase

Right now we are adding stores almost every week.  Most of our distribution is in the state of Michigan, but that will change in the late part of this year with placement in H-E-B in Texas and Publix in Florida. Kroger will be carrying us in Michigan starting October 1. For now, we recommend people check out our website for the most recent store locations:

It’s also important to note that people can buy our sauces on our website at  We have a free shipping promotion running right now that makes it the same price to buy online as it is to buy in the store — and we deliver it to your home for FREE!!   A great deal for those who want to experience Chicken Insurance and BBQ Insurance, but don’t live in an area that carries our sauces yet.

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce Review

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce Review

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce Review

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce Review

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce Review

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce Review


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