Dizzy Pig BBQ Rubs

I enjoy making my own rubs and think it’s probably the most cost efficient approach, but I think it’s also important to try out some of the commercial rubs out there that have strong followings in both the competition and backyard BBQ realms.  One such company I wanted to let you guys know about is The Dizzy Pig BBQ Company.  These guys make AMAZING rubs that are known for their freshness and all natural ingredients.  I’ve had a few of them so far and can tell you they are some of the best rubs you’ll find and it’s worth having a couple of them to go along with your homemade rubs.  The one I’m going to use this weekend for a Boston butt is the “Dizzy Dust Course Grind“.  I’ve got a pic of it below I snapped last night right after I took it out of the box.  They have about a dozen different rubs that will take care of basically anything you’re looking to cook, so check out their website for more info.  You can buy them straight from their site but you can also find them cheaper on Amazon sometimes (go HERE to see what Amazon has).  I’ll post about the butt cook sometime this weekend and let you know how the Dizzy Dust Course Grind worked out.  I tasted a pinch last night and it was really good.  Looking forward to tasting it on some pulled pork!

Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust Course Grind


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