Chocolate Coconut Cream Bars

Jenn whipped up some amazing chocolate coconut cream bars last night.  You can check out the video below for her step-by-step instructions, but this is a really easy dessert to make and super tasty!  After making these, she definitely recommends just pouring the chocolate over the pan of the coconut/milk/sugar mixture (after having sat in the freezer for an hour) versus trying to cover all sides of them like she did in the video.

Chocolate Coconut Cream Bars

24 oz chocolate of your choice (we used 1/2 milk and 1/2 semi-sweet)
24 oz shredded coconut (divided into 20 oz and 4 oz)
14 oz sweetened condensed milk
2 cups confectioners sugar

Mix together 20 oz of shredded coconut, the condensed milk and confectioners sugar.  Pour into a 13″ x 9″ greased baking dish and flatten out mixture with a spatula.  Set in the freezer for an hour.  After that, cut into bars and either pour melted chocolate over the mixture while still in the pan or dip individually if you want all sides covered in chocolate.  Top with remaining 4 oz of coconut then let sit in the fridge to firm up.  Enjoy!

Chocolate Coconut Cream Bars


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