Cedar Plank Brie with Blueberry and Raspberry Chutney

I recently reviewed “BBQ Brian” Misko’s new book Grilling with House of Q. There are a lot of creative recipes in the book and one that instantly stood out to me was actually the very first recipe in the book, the Cedar Plank Brie with Cranberry Chutney. I knew I had to make it ASAP šŸ™‚

Cedar Plank Brie with Blueberry Raspberry Chutney Recipe

The recipe is very simple, but it’s a fancy appetizer that will definitely impress your guests. On top of that, it is amazingly good! I tweaked out Brian’s recipe to include a blueberry and raspberry chutney instead of the cranberry chutney his recipe called for, but either way, with the addition of the maple syrup and Brian’s House of Q “Sugar & Spice” BBQ sauce…this chutney packs all kinds of goodness šŸ™‚

Cedar Plank Brie with Blueberry Raspberry Chutney Recipe

Blueberry and Raspberry Chutney

1 cup fresh blueberries
1 cup fresh raspberries
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup sweet and spicy BBQ sauce of your choice (again, I used the House of Q “Sugar & Spice” BBQ sauce)

Add all ingredients to a sauce pan over medium heat. Once the berries start to soften, press down on them with a spoon so the juice can escape and blend with the syrup and BBQ sauce. Cook forĀ a total of 15-20 minutes, or until the chutney reduces down to your preferred consistency. Set aside until it’s time to top the brie.

Cedar Plank Brie with Blueberry Raspberry Chutney Recipe

Planked Brie

(1) 4-6 inch brie wheel
1 cedar plank
Soft or crunchy bread of your choice

I like to prepare cedar planks by soakingĀ them in water for at least one hour before cooking on them. A lot of people soak them for hours or even overnight. This ensures the plank is completely saturated with moisture and will help keep the plank from severelyĀ charring or even catching on fire. Preheat your grill to around 350Ā° – 400Ā° then place the plank over the direct heat side for a few minutes then flip it over. This kills any bacteria on the surface of the plank and also helps to the plank to start smoldering.

Place the brie on the plank (do not remove the rind as it keeps the warm, gooey brie secure). Cook the brie for 8-10 minutes and then once it starts to get nice and soft, cover it with a liberal amount of the chutney, making sure to save some to serve on the side. Serve immediately with some bread (I just used a cheap baguette) and extra chutney on theĀ side. Complete video recipe with step by step instructions below. Enjoy!

Cedar Plank Brie with Blueberry Raspberry Chutney Recipe



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