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Minnesota Wild Mini WSM

Reader Spotlight: Minnesota Wild Mini WSM Build

Hands down my favorite part of this blog is when readers build a Mini WSM and send me pics and descriptions of how their build went.  I LOVE seeing the creativity with these Mini builds and I get so stoked each and every time someone sends me pics showcasing their favorite team’s logo on the […]

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Mini WSM

Reader Spotlight: Detroit Lions Mini WSM

Another one of my readers, Joe, built his first “Mini” Weber Smokey Mountain (or “WSM”) the other day and was kind enough to send me pics of the build.  I gotta hand it to him, he did a great job.  I especially like the blue paint job.  Pics and Joe’s captions are below.  Also check […]

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Mini WSM Build

Reader Spotlight: More Mini WSM Builds!

Here are a couple more Mini WSM builds that one of my readers recently submitted to me to check out.  You may notice the LSU Mini that I posted about earlier in a couple of these pics.  You can see here that compared to my Gator Mini, you can really get incredibly detailed with the […]

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Mini WSM

Reader Spotlight: LSU Mini WSM Build

One of my readers (Steve) reached out to me to ask some questions about building a Mini WSM and I told him once he was finished with the project to send me some pictures and I’d post them on the blog.  Let me say one thing first:  I absolutely can’t stand LSU (I bleed Orange […]

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