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VELVEETA Beer and Chorizo Queso Burgers

Beer and Chorizo Queso Burgers – VELVEETA Treasure Chest Challenge

I recently had a really cool opportunity to be a part of a fun promotion with VELVEETA called the VELVEETA Treasure Chest Challenge. They reached out to YouTube content creators like myself to see if we would be interested in them sending us a mystery “Treasure Chest” full of nonperishable ingredients (one obviously being VELVEETA…), along with […]

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If you’re a gourmet BBQ sauce lover like I am but don’t necessarily have the time it takes to master your own homemade recipes, then you might be interested in a craft BBQ sauce membership service that Drew Thornley provides over at provides 3 different membership subscriptions with a simple concept:  you decide […]

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Stoked On Smoke YouTube Channel Cook Off Contest

YouTube Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway

In celebration of my Stoked On Smoke YouTube Channel close to reaching the 5,000 subscriber mark, I’m holding a cook off contest.  Here are the rules: 1.  Due by August 3rd, 2013 by 11:59 PM 2.  Must be subscribed to my channel 3.  Must be a video response to this video 4.  Preferably less than […]

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StoryQue iPad BBQ Magazine

StoryQue: The iPad Barbecue Magazine

If you’re an iPad owner and BBQ fanatic like I am, you’ll be amped to learn that there is a legit monthly barbecue magazine subscription available on the iPad called StoryQue.  StoryQue is an interactive BBQ magazine that is available for purchase via iTunes.  New issues are released monthly which include BBQ stories, recipes and tips/tricks from both […]

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