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Boston butt injection marinade

I’ve been reading a lot on the forums about how a lot of the competition guys inject marinade into pork shoulders, briskets, hams, turkeys and chickens.  A lot of the feedback I hear is that while the rub is good for the outside bark and certainly provides a ton of flavor, injecting marinades deep inside […]

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Picnic Shoulder vs Boston Butt

So up to this point, I’ve only smoked Boston butts for pulled pork, but last night as part of our New Year’s Eve jam here at the house, my buddy Mike smoked a pork “picnic” shoulder.  In case you’re like me and didn’t really know the difference between a Boston butt and a picnic, I’ve […]

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Ran-Dawg’s Pepper Pork Sauce

I’m going to try hard and post a sauce recipe at least once a month, so please try and hold me to that 🙂  With that said, I wanted my first sauce recipe to be my absolute favorite.  Out of all the many homemade sauces I make, this one is usually everyone’s favorite.  Take note […]

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