Candied Jalapenos

Stopped by one of the local farmer’s markets here in Gainesville today and came across a guy selling home made candied jalapenos.  He had a sign out that talked about all the different foods they’re good on, probably 20 things or more, but BBQ was nowhere on his sign.  I tried a sample and they were so good the first thing I could think about was putting them on top of a big ol’ pulled pork sandwich!  The recipe is pretty straight forward (which you can see on the picture I took below) with the only secret ingredient being his blend of spices.  They were super sweet at first and had a very smooth texture (you can see the creamy texture in the pic below) but then hit ya with a good bit of heat.  I have a ridiculous tolerance for spicy food so they weren’t hot to me, but my wife tried one and they burned her up quick!  This jar is going to last me a while and I’m excited about trying them on different BBQ foods, but at some point I’m going to attempt to make my own.  If you have a recipe you would like to share, please leave it in the comments below.  Thanks!!

Candied Jalapenos

Sweet Candied Jalapenos



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