Book Review: Grilling with House of Q

I was recently sent a copy of “BBQ Brian” Misko’s Grilling with House of Q book to review. I have a lot of BBQ books and am always excited to check new ones out…but at the same time…I have a certain set of criteria that the book must meet in order for me to recommend it to family and friends. This is definitely one of those books that met all my expectations 🙂

First off (and most important IMO…) is the food photography. If you have plans to publish a BBQ book, I think it’s crucial to invest in professional food photography. There was no skimping there with this book which is obvious if you check out some of the recipe pics below. These are the types of photographs that make you want to jump straight into the page and devour what you’re looking at.

I also look for books that have a lot of variety that encourage BBQ enthusiasts to get more creative on their grills/smokers. The typical BBQ basics like ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, etc…are fine…but a lot of books just kinda say the same ol’ thing and don’t really put any interesting twists on those recipes. You’ll definitely find most of those BBQ staples in this book, but it’s not the main focus. The focus is creativity…with mouth-watering recipes like Grilled Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast; Cedar-Planked Brie with Cranberry Chutney; and Jalapeño ‘n’ Cheese Cornbread Waffle Burgers (yes…I know…all of those sound AMAZING!).

In addition to great food photography and recipes, I also think it’s important that the recipes are as straight-forward as possible as to encourage people to try them out. A lot of BBQ beginners (or “newbies”) are going to be intimidated if a recipe is too complex and just assumes the reader is already well education with preparation techniques. Misko does an excellent job of guiding the reader through each and every recipe with clear and easy to read instructions (again…that aren’t too complicated), with just the right amount of detail. The book also contains a brief section in the beginning that covers BBQ/smoking cooking tips/techniques and essential tools/equipment needed if you’re interested in getting serious about BBQ (even in a backyard setting). Though this section won’t be too applicable to the reader that is already skilled and has been BBQ’ing for years…it certainly will be to someone that is picking this book up with hopes of learning how to east into cooking some amazing BBQ for family and friends.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves outdoor cooking on a grill and/or smoker and can guarantee you some of my family members will getting a copy of this as a gift soon 🙂

You can grab a copy of Grilling with House of Q here on Amazon.

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Grilling with House of Q Book Review

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Grilling with House of Q Book Review

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Grilling with House of Q Book Review



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  1. Chris June 9, 2015 at 5:00 pm #

    Great review. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book.

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