Blues Hog BBQ Sauce!

If you follow my blog, you’ve noticed I like to make a lot of my own sauce.  To me there’s just something gratifying about that.  But…making sauce involves a good bit of time and can actually be more expensive that just buying sauce if you don’t shop wisely and neglect to buy ingredients in bulk.  As I continue in my BBQ adventures, I am starting to learn that sometimes it’s best to just focus on learning as much as possible about preparing and smoking different cuts of meat and to leave the sauce to the guys that sell it for a living.  Blues Hog Barbecue Company is a company that does just that and their BBQ sauces are FREAKING UNBELIEVABLY good.  They’re best known for their “Original” sauce, but also have a strong following for both their “Tennessee Red” sauce.  They also have a “Honey Mustard” variation that I have yet to try, but since I’m a big mustard-based sauce guy, I will be getting my hands on some of that soon 🙂

The Original is so crazy good that you can put it on just about anything, but to me, it absolutely shines on ribs.  It is thick, tangy and sweet and doesn’t take a whole lot to add massive flavor to your food.  I’ve used it on ribs and chicken so far and will be basting some “moink balls” with it this weekend for a big Easter cook I’m doing.  The Tennessee Red is a vinegar – pepper based sauce that is epic and most frequently used on pulled pork, but it also goes well with other meats.

You can find it at speciality stores depending on where you live, but I haven’t found any around Gainesville, so I order it online from Amazon here.  Below is a pic of a gallon of the Original and a 32 oz of the Tennessee I recently got.  Needless to say, be expecting a lot of my posts in the future to be featuring these sauces.  And…not that I’m a pro or anything, but I’ve had a ton of sauces over the past couple years and Blues Hog are easily in my top 3…

Blues Hog BBQ Sauces


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