Bear Paws

Another little goodie my wife got me for Christmas was a pair of the Bear Paws Meat Handler Forks.  As you can see in the picture I took below, the name describes them perfectly.  They are made out of a hard plastic and meant for grabbing large pieces of meat off a grill / smoker and for shredding meat.  Without a doubt, the #1 thing you’re going to use these for is pulling pork.  I smoked a Boston butt the other day and tried these for the first time and they worked flawlessly and I had the whole thing pulled in about 1 minute.  They’re only just over $10 at Amazon so I’d recommend picking up a pair if you cook a lot of Boston butts.  If you have a pair, let me know your thoughts.

Update 8/30/12 – I have now replaced my Bear Paws with The MeatRake which I think is a better product over all.

Bear Claws Meat Forks



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