BBQ Sauce Review: Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apple

Recently, the good people at Slow Poke BBQ sent me some of their Slow Poke Spicy Apple BBQ sauce to review.  As a HUGE apple fan, and one that loves to smoke with apple wood and rub various cuts of pork down with apple rubs, I was really excited to see what this sauce had to offer.  The sauce pours fairly thin and as you can see in the pictures below, it has a nice reddish/burgundy color with visible spices.  This sauce is absolutely bursting with wonderful flavor.  First taste, I was nailed with a tangy, apple explosion, followed with a decent habanero kick on the finish.  I actually told my wife it was like I had just sipped on some thick apple cider spiked with some vinegar and spices.  The apple flavor in this sauce is massive, so if you love apple, you will fall in love instantly (as I did…).  If you’re not a big apple fan though, I wouldn’t even bother picking this one up.

I slow smoked a picnic on my Weber kettle yesterday and tried this sauce out with some pulled pork sandwiches and honestly can tell you that was one of the absolute best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life.  Slow Poke BBQ is out of Texas, so if you’re not around that area, you’ll need to purchase the sauce from their website.  But man…I sure hope they get their product into stores here in the Southeast in the near future!  I’m thinking I need to go ahead and just order a case for myself b/c I’m going to go through this first bottle in just a few days most likely…  🙂

I reached out to owner Chad Devine with a few questions and here’s what he had to say:

BBQ Bros (BB):  Quick background of yourself (how did you get started w/ BBQ, how long have you been Q’ing, do you compete, etc…)
Chad Devine (CD):  It all started when  moved to Houston after finishing my duty in the Army.  I tasted Texas BBQ and was hooked.  I started playing around in the backyard BBQing in 2004.  I got serious about it in 2006 and tried to learn all the styles of BBQ.  Currently we do not compete in any competitions.  We are focusing this year and first half of 2013 to bring more SlowPoke products to the market.

BB:  Quick background of your company (where are you located, how long have you been making sauce, steps to get where you are now)
CD:  We are located in Dickinson, TX.  The company was founded in 2010.  I was doing small parties for family and the word spread.  People were requesting me to cater their events.  Soon there after I started playing with the idea of making my own BBQ sauce and after a lot of time and bad batches we came up with Spicy Apple BBQ sauce.  I was just making it for my catering gigs but people kept saying I had a really good sauce and wanted to know where they could get some,  so I started bottling it for resale.

BB:  How can we buy your sauce?  Is it in stores, if so, where and what are you future plans looking like for spreading into more markets.  Online?
CD:  Currently the sauce is sold around the local area of Houston but we are always looking to expand our business.  I would love local business to contact me about putting the BBQ sauce in there stores.  We also have our online store where people can order from.  I feel the best way to reach our clients is to have it local to them.

BB:  If you were cast to a deserted island and could take just one of your smokers (assuming you had unlimited fuel supplies…), which one would it be?
CD:  I would bring my custom smoker.  You could fit a whole hog on there or half a cow.  If I had money to buy a pit maker trailer with a BBQ vault on it that’s what I would buy.  Vault type pits are becoming a great way to slow cook meat.

Connect with Slow Poke BBQ at:
Slow Poke BBQ Website
Slow Poke BBQ Facebook


Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apply Review

Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apply Review

Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apply Review

Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apply Review

Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apply Review




2 Responses to BBQ Sauce Review: Slow Poke BBQ Spicy Apple

  1. Joe October 16, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    This is my favorite BBQ sauce. BY FAR!!! The sweetness combined with the spice make it my “go to” sauce for pork butts and ribs. Best Sauce out there!

    • Steve October 16, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

      Yeah man, it’s one of my top 5 fav sauces. Just glazed some BB ribs this weekend and there were outstanding!

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