BBQ Sauce Review: Rufus Teague “Honey Sweet”, “Touch O’ Heat” and “Blazin’ Hot”

The awesome people behind the Rufus Teague BBQ sauces recently hooked me up with three of their popular K.C. style sauces:  the “Honey Sweet”, the “Touch O’ Heat” and the “Blazin’ Hot”.  The company hails from Shawnee, KS and after a quick smell and taste of all three sauces, it was plain as day this company proudly represents thick, smokey, molasses, K.C. style sauce.  A few interesting facts about these sauces is that they are all gluten free, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) free and the bottles are in the shape of a flask!  Pretty cool!

All three have almost identical ingredients (staples like molasses, Worcestershire, sugar, garlic and onion powder) with some interesting ingredients like soy sauce, anchovy paste, tamarind and orange juice.  The Blazin’ Hot kicks both cayenne and “natural pepper flavor” while the Touch O’ Heat leaves out the “natural pepper flavor”.  The Blazin’ Hot and Touch O’ Heat tasted identical to me, except for the heat.  I’m a big fan of hot BBQ sauces and I was quite surprised by the kick the Blazin’ Hot had.  A lot of hot BBQ sauces kinda get you on the finish, right when you think you’re safe and then there’s a blast of either cayenne, habanero or jalapeño.  This sauce was rather fiery from beginning to finish and actually caught me off guard a bit b/c of the massive spoon full I started with.  If you’re a hot sauce freak and love K.C. style, this sauce is for you, though I think the Touch O’ Heat will cater to more people b/c it’s toned down a good bit on the heat scale.  Lastly, the Honey Sweet leaves out the cayenne and “natural pepper flavor” and adds honey for a familiar, thick and sweet K.C. sauce that is going to be good on just about anything you put it on.

Here they are side by side, rocking that stylish, flask shaped bottle.

Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce Review

From left to right:  Honey Sweet, Touch O’ Heat and Blazin’ Hot.  As you can see, the Touch O’ Heat and Honey Sweet (left and middle) has an almost identical consistency and deep mahogany/dark brown color, while the Blazin’ Hot on the right had a lighter mahogany color (almost reddish/orange) and it poured the thinnest of the three.

Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce Review

Here are the three sauces, each poured over some pulled pork sliders.  All three went really well with the pork with the Blazin’ Hot being my favorite while the Honey Sweet was my wife’s favorite.

Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce Review

Be sure to check out more of the Rufus Teague products as well as get additional info either at their website or on their Facebook page.  You can also purchase their sauces here on Amazon.


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  1. Greg Coats December 26, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    Good review, Rufus is probably my favorite sauce. Back when my gut could handle it, I went after the Blazin’ Hot, now I stick with the Touch O’ Heat.

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