BBQ Sauce Review: La Pan’s Fiery Fusion

A couple weeks ago I was sent a bottle of La Pan’s Fiery Fusion to review.  It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks and I finally got the chance to check this sauce out tonight with some sliced pork tenderloin.  La Pan’s is a company based in Ladera Ranch, CA and produces gourmet BBQ sauces and rubs.  According to the label on the bottle, the Fiery Fusion is “Just like your ex….sweet at first then kicks your ass!”.  After having tasted this sauce, I would have to agree with that statement!

First off, this sauce is absolutely amazing.  There were a few characteristics of this sauce that really jumped out to me.  First, before I even tasted it, I shook the bottle up to mix everything together well and then took a huge whiff.  The combination of fruit with heat was awesome!  It wasn’t hard to tell that this sauce was going to have a kick.  Next, this sauce pours super thick.  I tried to get a close up in the picture below to show the small clumps in this sauce which I can only assume are small fruit chunks.  It also had a nice, medium burgundy color.  And lastly,  the taste starts off with sweet undertones of fruits (raspberry, mango, pineapple and apricot) but then hits you pretty hard with a liberal amount of habanero kick on the finish.  I tried several small spoonfuls and could easily taste the various fruits.  The heat will be too much for people that don’t have much of a heat tolerance, but for those that do, this will be an instant favorite.  Again…they really nailed the fruit to heat transition.  I was instantly addicted to this sauce!

I really liked the label design on the bottle.  Great logo, fonts and I like the blend of more subtle colors.

La Pan's Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce Review

As you can see, there are a TON of ingredients in this amazing sauce!  LOTS of fruit.

La Pan's Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce Review

Like I said above, the sauce pours extremely thick and is full of amazing little fruit chunks.

La Pan's Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce Review

And lastly, I paired the sauce w/ some pork tenderloin.  Let’s just say after I snapped this pic, this slice of tenderloin was gone in about 2 minutes!  The Fiery Fusion tasted incredible on the tenderloin!

La Pan's Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce Review

Check out more info on La Pan’s on their website or Facebook.

You can purchase La Pan’s sauces in stores here or online here.



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