BBQ Sauce Review: KW’s Sweet and Spicy

KW’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce is a “slow kettle cooked” sauce that starts with a sweet tomato flavor and ends with a spicy mustard finish.  I tested the sauce out on some St. Louis style pork ribs, and per their website, it goes well with “pulled pork, smoked pork ribs, grilled and smoked chicken, smoked beef brisket, grilled steaks, wild game, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, french fries, anything and everything….”.   Having tried the sauce now…I completely agree with that statement.  This is a sauce that was clearly developed to work well with a variety of options.

Though this sauce is a little on the thin side and didn’t stick to the ribs the way I prefer, the flavor of the sauce with the ribs was unreal good.  After inhaling a couple ribs, the first thing I said to my wife was “Can you imagine how good this is going to be with pulled pork or chicken?”  I also immediately thought of using this on some BBQ pizzas.  This is going to be one of those sauces that you can keep stocked in your fridge for all kinds of meals.  See below for some more detail.

Check out more info on their website or Facebook.

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

 I always appreciate a sauce that doesn’t go overboard on the ingredients.  Though the name of the sauce is “Sweet and Spicy”, it’s not going to be that spicy to people that have a high heat tolerance (like myself…)…but it works well with this sauce.  I think if they would have tried to crank the heat up on this recipe it wouldn’t work as well.

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

 The sauce pours fairly thin and has a light red/orange color.  You can see the black pepper specs floating around too.

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

 I snapped this pic to show you the contrast of KW’s Sweet and Spicy (foreground) with a typical Kansas City molasses based sauce in the background.  You can really see the light orange color of the sauce pop in this pic.

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

 As you can see in the following pics, once the ribs were done, there was still that distinct orange (almost yellow) tint on the surface of the meat which clearly tips you off to the mustard kick you’re about to experience.  These ribs were soooooo good.

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review

KW's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce Review





3 Responses to BBQ Sauce Review: KW’s Sweet and Spicy

  1. Chris March 22, 2015 at 3:50 pm #

    From appearances and what you say, this reminds me of the old school style of BBQ sauce that you find in BBQ joints in weathered buildings with smoke smeared interiors. They have no menu or just a board on a wall. No fancy tshirts, logos, and they aren’t on Twitter. Just good, consistent BBQ day in, day out.

  2. David Somerville March 23, 2015 at 11:15 pm #

    Steve, great review! Glad to see you posting again 🙂

    That sauce sounds delicious. I will be keeping my eyes open to see if that ever shows up in Baton Rouge. By the way…pretty nice ribs you have up there!

    • Steve April 15, 2015 at 7:02 pm #

      David, you can buy it online from their site if you wanna check it out.

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