BBQ Sauce Review: Dimples BBQ Sauce

The owner of Dimples BBQ Sauce, Rich Campana, kindly sent me a couple bottles of their up and coming sweet BBQ sauce called “Dimples BBQ Sauce”.  Let me go ahead and say this:  It doesn’t matter that I got this sauce for free. Whether or not I paid for it, I would still tell you this sauce is amazing.  What Rich and his crew have achieved is dialed in a sauce that is going to be good on pretty much any BBQ.  Really, it’s that good.  Dimples BBQ Sauce is a sweet, tomato based sauce that boasts huge sweet overtones up front with a slight vinegar kick on the back end.  It pours super creamy and smooth and is seriously something I may choose to bathe in soon.  OK, that’s weird, but seriously, this sauce is unreal good and I see the Dimples sauce making a strong movement through the Southeast market very soon and hopefully Nationally in the not so distant future.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Rich and bounce a few questions off him and here’s what he had to say:

BBQ Bros (BB):  Quick background of yourself (how did you get started w/ BBQ, how long have you been Q’ing, do you compete, etc…)
Rich Campana (RC):  Been eating BBQ since childhood in Chicago. We had lots of family get-togethers with grills and baseball. I’ve been on a competition team, The Kings of Q, for 5 years. Dimples grew from the attempt to help the team develop it’s  own identity.

BB:  Quick background of your company (where are you located, how long have you been making sauce, steps to get where you are now)
RC:  Dimples is out of Raleigh, NC. It is a new family business as of January of 2011. The company name is Jarico, Inc. with Dimples being the first product. Plans are underway to add a hot sauce, a vinegar-based sauce and a rub. My wife, Jan, and I have been making our own sauce since soon after getting married in 1987. On one our first dinners as a married couple, we grilled steaks but had yet to purchase BBQ sauce. I thought “how hard could it be to make” and without a recipe, we started throwing what sounded like stuff that might be in BBQ sauce in a bowl. We had to keep getting a larger bowl for we kept thinking of new ingredients. We ended up throwing the whole thing away because it was dreadful. Fast forward 20 years, and our sauce developed a small following in the competition circuit. Eventually, my wife did research on getting a BBQ sauce to market and here we are.

BB:  Tell us about your sauce.  Where did you get your inspirations, how long did it take to dial in, what do you like it best on, etc…
RC:  Dimples is a sweet, tomato-based sauce. The name was inspired from a family-trait of a dimple in the chin of males on both sides of the family. Plus it makes a fun name for a pig and pig means BBQ, or at least it does here in NC. And pork is our favorite meat to use Dimples with. Just smoke a Boston Butt. Shred, chop or pull and add Dimples. The bun is optional. As for how long it took to perfect the recipe, once we got serious with it, the sauce went through about 15 different versions before we got it just right. That took about a year and a half. Plus the business learning and legal stuff took about a year.

BB:  How can we buy your sauce?  Is it in stores, if so, where and what are you future plans looking like for spreading into more markets.  Online?
RC:  Dimples is available on-line at and in local stores in the central North Carolina area. We are continuing to compete and enter sauce contests. Dimples is on Facebook and Twitter.  Dimples supports Eastern NC Easter Seals and the NC Diabetes Education Bus.

BB:  If you were cast to a deserted island and could take just one of your smokers (assuming you had unlimited fuel supplies…), which one would it be?  🙂
RC:  If on a desert island, my smoker would be a Traeger. Of course, I’m gonna need a long extension cord and a lots of meat.

Check out Dimples BBQ Sauce on their website, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Dimples BBQ Sauce Review

Dimples BBQ Sauce Review

Dimples BBQ Sauce Review



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