BBQ Rub Review: Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub

For those of you that follow my blog and YouTube channel regularly, you know that I’m a big fan of Rich Tirpak’s products over at Mad Hunky Meats.  I had the chance to try out the Mad Hunky General Purpose  rub (aka the “GP rub”) on a butt the other day and wanted to quickly walk you through my thoughts using the pics below.

This rub looks and smells like a couple homemade BBQ rubs I make that I always have on hand b/c of their versatility with various cuts of meat.  The GP contains paprika, onion, garlic salt, celery, brown sugar, mustard and a few other secret ingredients that come together nicely thanks to Rich’s goal of always using the finest ingredients he can get.

Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub Review

 This rubs leaves a gorgeous mahogany crust that just begs to be thrown into the smoker.

Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub Review
Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub Review

I smoked two butts this day, and for comparison, the one to the right is rubbed down with the Simply Marvelous Cherry rub.  A lot of pork rubs have a lighter color like the butt on the right, so this should give you an idea of how deep the mahogany color is with the GP rub.

Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub Review

Here’s a shot of the butt just before I pulled it.  Hands down, this was some of the best bark I’ve ever seen on a butt.  The smell coming off this thing was unreal good.  Notice the fat dripping down from the butt above it?  Some people will look at this and think that’s gross.  All of you serious Q’ers out there know those fat drippings are liquid gold 🙂

Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub Review
Here’s a nice close up shot of it pulled.  I asked several people what they thought between the GP and the Simply Marvelous Cherry and most people agreed that the GP had more of a classic BBQ taste to it than the SM Cherry.  I couldn’t agree more and I’m pretty sure this is what Rich is going for with this rub.  It has very little heat in it and if it wasn’t meant to be a “general purpose” rub, I’d nag Rich to heat it up a bit 🙂  Check it out and tell Rich that Steve from BBQ Bros sent ya!

Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub Review


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2 Responses to BBQ Rub Review: Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub

  1. Richtee February 27, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    Hmm I don’t think the Hot Whang! Or the Hot Ass Whang! would be out of place on a butt… if you wanna heat things up a bit. Thanks for the review, and nice cook, dude!

    The Mad Hunky

  2. Chris March 18, 2013 at 10:09 pm #

    That is a pretty bark that you have on that butt.

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