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If you’re a gourmet BBQ sauce lover like I am but don’t necessarily have the time it takes to master your own homemade recipes, then you might be interested in a craft BBQ sauce membership service that Drew Thornley provides over at provides 3 different membership subscriptions with a simple concept:  you decide how much BBQ sauce you want to receive throughout the year and they take care of the rest.  Craft BBQ sauces are carefully selected by the company and they ship them straight to your doorstep at various times throughout the year based on which subscription you purchased.

If you’re slightly on the fence about this, let me offer up this:  I have been reviewing craft BBQ sauces for a couple of years now and can tell you that offers up very fair pricing given the quality of sauce you will be getting and the fact that shipping is included.  This is kinda one of those “set it and forget it” type things and one that will amp you out multiple times throughout the year!  🙂  I had the chance to catch up with owner Drew Thornley and bounce a few questions off him.  Here’s what he had to say: ReviewBBQ Bros (BB):  Tell us about your background in BBQ and how your company got started.

Drew Thornley (DT):  Started my blog August 2008 and have posted at least once every single day since. Formed Man Up Texas BBQ, LLC, in summer 2010. MUTB has 3 ventures (The Q Card, Texas Q Tours, Gettin’ Sauced!) and is half of All-Star Sauces, a joint venture.

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BB:  What are the advantages of going with a membership-based service like you guys provide over just going to a local store or shopping elsewhere online?

DT:  It’s way less of a hassle to order once than to order 6 times. We handle everything for you. You pay one flat fee (includes shipping), and we take care of everything else. Also, each vendor is an award-/contest-winning vendor. These aren’t just any ol’ sauces. Mostly small-batch, craft sauces. Review

Membership sauces packed and ready to ship!

BB:  How does the membership work and what is the cost?

DT:  You can check out our various membership plans here:

BB:  How can BBQ sauce companies become a part of your service?

DT:  To be eligible for consideration as a vendor, a vendor must have at least 1 sauce that has taken first place in an official sauce competition or that has taken top-honors in a national publication. In other words, a sauce must truly be an award-winning sauce. If a vendor meets this requirement, they can contact us:

BB:  What are future plans for your company?

DT:  We just want to grow our brand, with a focus on quality sauces and quality customer service. We will evaluate requests for sponsorships, partnerships, etc., on a case-by-case basis.

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