The BBQ Bros BBQ blog was created in December 2011 and is dedicated to “back porch” style BBQing.  If you’re not familiar with “back porch” BBQing, well, all that really means is you love to BBQ for family and friends, but more than likely don’t compete professionally.  Sure, there’s plenty of people out there that love the competition circuit as well as cooking in their own backyards, but the majority of BBQ lovers just do it for the fun of it.  That’s what I’m all about.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my friends and I are serious amateurs and spend a LOT of time trying new things and trying to cook the best Q’ as humanly possible.  We’re just a crew of friends that all kinda got into BBQing about the same time and really just started to challenge and encourage each other with various BBQ projects.  Part of what came out of that was this blog.  I figured if we’re cooking every weekend, buying/building new smokers and making a TON of family and friends really happy with the food we make, well…then why not capture all of that with a blog so we have something to go back to.  Thus…BBQBros.net was born.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something on here that you might want to try yourself!

A Little About Me (Steve)

Man, this blog is so much fun for me and love that I get to share my BBQ adventures with you.  I’m just a regular guy with a 8-5 job, a smoking hot wife (seriously…she’s smoking hot), 2 gorgeous little girls and awesome family and friends.  I love to cook for people and only really got serious about BBQ in late 2010, but I’ve devoted a lot of time to it though and am learning a lot.  I cook with all Weber products and LOVE my gear.  I’ll probably upgrade to some bigger, more expensive gear in the future, but honestly, there are comp guys that cook on Weber Smokey Mountains (like the one I have) and beat out guys with $30K commercial grade rigs.  So the equipment is good, it all comes down to the skill of the guy handling it.  I do pretty good with the gear that I have and am super content at the moment.  I do have my eyes on a Backwoods “Party” smoker, but that will probably be a while before I drop that kind of money.  If any of you want to just buy me one, that would be cool…  :)

OK, the pic below is my current set up, plus… 3 lovely ladies that I thank God for every day  :)  This is my back porch and what I consider my “zone”, or my “domain”, or my “man space”.  We have BBQ’s out here every week and I love spending time out here.  From left to right:  22.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain; Lime Green Weber Smokey Joe Silver; 18″ Weber Jumbo Joe; Grill Dome Infinity Series Ceramic Kamado (large model); 26.75″ Weber One Touch Gold and my homemade “Mini” WSM.

Me and My Prized Possessions

The BBQ Bro and His Prized Possessions

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