The BBQ Bros BBQ blog was created in December 2011 and is dedicated to “back porch” style BBQing. If you’re not familiar with “back porch” BBQing, well, all that really means is you love to BBQ for family and friends, but more than likely don’t compete professionally. Sure, there’s plenty of people out there that love the competition circuit as well as cooking in their own backyards, but the majority of BBQ lovers just do it for the fun of it. That’s what I’m all about. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a very serious amateur and spend a LOT of time testing out new equipment, cooking procedures and basically just trying to cook the best Q’ as humanly possible. As I became more and more passionate with my BBQ hobby, I figured if I was cooking multiple nights per week, testing out new smokers/grills and stoking out my family and friends with yummy food…well…then why not capture all of that with a blog (and YouTube channel) so I have something to go back to and revisit all the fun I’ve had. Thus…BBQBros.net was born and it’s been a blast ever since!

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